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Crusty Garlic Bread $8.5 (g)

Crusty Bread with Olive Oil & Balsamic $8.9 (g)

Thick Cut Chips $9.9

Served with Tomato and BBQ Sauce

Fatboy Potato Chips $11.9

Served with Sweet Chili Mayo and Sour Cream


Chicken & Prawn Spring Rolls $17.9

With Thai Dipping Sauce and Soy Sauce – (3 Spring Rolls)


Peckish? Turkish Toasties $17.9(g)

  • Roast Beef, Sundried Tomato, Caramalized Onion, Swiss Cheese, Gherkin and Garlic Aioli

  • Egg Plant, Roast Pepper and Pumpkin, Haloumi, Mushrooms and Hummus Pesto

  • Chicken, Bacon, Pesto, Red Onion, Spinach and Homemade Tomato Relish


Persian Fetta and Onion Tart $21.9         

Fetta Cheese, Sweet Potato, Roast Onion in a

Crispy Pastry Case


Pork Belly and Melon Salad $24.9 (g)

Sichuan Roast Pork Belly with a Tasmanian Honey and Melon Salad Splashed with Ginger and Soy


Vegetarian Aubergine and Hummus Burger $22.9 (g)         

Roasted Smoked Paprika Egg Plant with Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Salad and Hummus


Flash Fried Salmon Patties $23.9

Served on a Caramelized Beetroot, Fresh Spinach and Tomato Salad, topped with a Crème Fraiche Tartare Sauce


Peckish? Club Sandwich with Fries & Chutney $23.9 (g)

Sliced Turkey, Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Egg & Mayo


Salt & Pepper Squid & Prawn $29.9

Pineapple Cut Squid & Prawns pan-fried in a Pepper Spice Mix served on a Greek Salad with Lemon and Garlic Aioli


Hot Smoked Salmon & Greek Salad $28.9 (g)

Tasmanian Hot Smoked Salmon served with Potato and Beans on a Greek Salad bound With a Basil Vinaigrette


BBQ Fillet Sanga $34.9 (g)

Fillet Steak on Sour Dough, Caramelized Onions, Flat Mushroom, Fresh Spinach, Red Wine Sauce and Fries


Tender Eye Fillet $37.9 (g)

Tender Eye Fillet served on an Onion and Fetta Tart with Special Café Butter


Mediterranean Tasting Plate $23.9 (g)          

Pitted Olives, Haloumi Cheese, Greek Salad, Tabouli and Prosciutto Wrapped Bocconcini and Creamy Hummus

Vegetarian Options
Peckish? Cafe, 114 Hobart Road, Kings Meadows, Tasmania, Launceston, 6344 9472
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